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Top 10 Lasers Levels by Easytrack Survey

Top 10 Lasers Levels at Easytrack Survey

10: Spectra Precision LT58G Crossline Laser With HR1220 Receiver

The LT58G Laser Tool is the Go-To Interior Lasers. It provides 3 x 360° planes of bright green laser light that is ideally suited for all interior layout applications. The over-molded, tough housing is designed to withstand the rigors of the construction site and the compact design allows easy, secure mounting at ceiling height. The LT58G contains a powerful rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that provides up to 25 continuous hours of green beam operation. It also can be operated directly with AC power. This eliminates the cost and waste of replacing alkaline batteries every day. The unit is compact, lightweight and easy to mount. Installations on high ceiling grids will be a quick, easy task compared to conventional heavy rotating lasers and cumbersome mounts.

The LT58G rightfully claims a spot on our list as it is one of the best solutions for interior laser work. It does everything a rotating laser does in a smaller package. The accessories such as the rotating mount and receiver have always impressed us as they allow you to do more with the laser and increase its working range.

9: Spectra Precision GL412N/GL422N Dual Grade Laser

The automatic, self-leveling Spectra Precision® GL422N dual grade laser is the most rugged, cost-effective laser that does three jobs—level, grade, and vertical alignment. Even in harsh jobsite conditions, the GL422N delivers consistently reliable and accurate performance, enabling you to work faster and smarter. Each GL422N laser system can includes the advanced HL760 Digital Readout receiver or CR700 combination receiver that provides automatic Grade Match, PlaneLok, and Fingerprint functions. Grade Match measures and displays the existing grade over unknown ground. As a consequence, it eliminates time-consuming and error-prone calculations. PlaneLok automatically locks on to an existing horizontal elevation or vertical alignment point which eliminates all drift or possibility of error due to improper calibration or weather.

The GL422N Dual Grade Laser is a great laser that has stood the test of time at easy track but it is likely to be made redundant by the new Spectra GL1425C Dual Grade with a higher spinning speed and larger grade range. Its earned a place on this list due to its versatility of work , ease of use, affordability and for remaining a reliable option for many years.

8: Spectra Precision LL300S Laser Level

The Spectra Precision® LL300S Laser Level features a rugged design with a metal sunshade that provides superior drop and weather protection (IP66). Designed for durability and reliability, the IP66 protection rating allows theLL300S to be operated in adverse environmental conditions, such as heavy rain. Mud and concrete can be washed off with a hose. The LL300S can withstand drops of up to 3 feet (1 meter) onto concrete and tripod tip-over up to 5 feet (1.5 meters), resulting in reduced downtime and lower repair costs. The LL300S is easy to use: turn it on, it levels then spins. With the addition of the grade arrow buttons, grade matching can be performed while the other axis remains self leveled. The optional RC402N long-range (330 ft/100 m) radio remote control makes slope matching a single person operation.

Probably a harsh position for this great laser on our list, with slope capabilities using buttons on the laser or a remote and a large working range of 2600ft it is a great slope laser. It has also stood the test of time with its reliable 5 years warranty but it tends to be les popular than its sibling the LL300N which is a cheaper variant with similar capabilities but with a lower working distance.


7: Spectra Precision DG613 Pipe Laser

The Spectra Precision® DG613 Pipe Laser is built for efficiency, accuracy and reliability when laying pipes. The length of the DG613 has been reduced to make it easier to set up the lasers into tight inverts in the manhole. The DG613 has a grade range from -12% to +40% and is fully self-leveling over the entire grade range. Even the cross axis is fully compensated – providing quick set up and peace of mind that the laser will be level without having to adjust at the bottom of the invert. The DG613 works over a distance of 150m (500ft) providing full operation in a single set-up between manholes. The RC803 remote control provides full function control and utilizes infra-red light in the pipe for up to 150 meter (500 feet) control. For “over-the-top” setups, the remote utilizes radio communications up to a distance of 130 meters (425 feet).

The DG613 Earns its place on the list as for pipe work it is the most rugged option available, Has a massive 5 Years warranty and is a great entry level option for Pipe Work.

6: Spectra Precision LL100N Laser Level

The Spectra Precision® LL100N Laser Level is a complete one-man leveling crew in a case. A complete system is contained in a single hard-shelled, portable carrying case – the laser, receiver, clamp, tripod, and grade rod – for easy transportation, storage, and use. A standard case with laser and receiver only is also available. Automatic, self-leveling ensures fast, accurate setups. Easy, one-button operation requires minimal training. The LL100N Laser Level is capable of handling a wide variety of elevation control applications. Versatility is added with a single-axis manual slope capability for setting out driveways, ramps, and residential drainage lines. It is rugged enough for the toughest jobsite and designed to survive a 3 foot (1 m) drop onto concrete. The LL100 Laser Level is backed by a 2-year instant over the counter exchange warranty.

The LL100N Earns its high spot on this list due to its ease of use only having one button and its affordability as an entry level laser and its reliability. Although it has a plastic head and no glass it still remains a rugged laser. The fact this laser can be used with a remote to allow added slope functionality is a major bonus for this laser.

5: Spectra Precision LL300N Dual Slope Laser Level

The Spectra Precision® LL300N Laser Level features a rugged design with a metal sunshade that provides superior drop and weather protection (IP66). Built to withstand severe drops of up to 3 ft (1 m) directly onto concrete, or up to 5 ft (1.5 m) when pushed over on a tripod means less downtime and cost due to damage caused by accidental drop or tipover… and lower repair costs over the life of the product.

The LL300N’s fully automatic self-leveling capability provides fast, accurate setup. Rechargeable NiMH battery pack or alkaline batteries keeps the unit working with no downtime due to power loss. Single cross-axis manual slope mode with cross-axis self-leveling allows grade matching for basic slope work, while maintaining accuracy in the cross-slope.

The Spectra LL300N could ultimately be placed anywhere in the Top 5 of this list as it could be considered the perfect entry level laser, with dual slope functionality , a large operating radius , 5 years warranty and a remote option. This laser allows users to cut cost by only purchasing the functions they need in terms of slope. The LL300N's affordability places it very high in this list and as mentioned earlier it could be placed even higher.

4: Spectra Precision HV302 Horizontal & Vertical Squaring Laser

Whether your job is indoors or outdoors, the automatic self-leveling Spectra Precision® HV302 Horizontal/Vertical Laser is the most rugged laser available, tough enough to handle a wide variety of horizontal, vertical and plumb applications in both interior and exterior projects. A split beam enables plumb point transfer and 90 degree layout. Even in brightly lit interior conditions, the high visibility beam of the HV302 delivers consistently reliable and accurate performance, enabling you to work faster and smarter.

The rugged HV302 laser can withstand drops of up to 1 meter (3 feet) onto concrete and tripod tipovers up to 1.5 meters (5 feet). This strength, combined with full weatherproofing and dustproofing, reduces downtime and lowers repair costs over the life of the product. Various HV302 packages are offered that are appropriate for interior applications, exterior applications or both. Receiver choices include the HR150U for interior applications, the HL450 for general use and the HL760 for advanced applications. The HL760 offers Grade Match, which establishes a plane between unknown points and horizontal and vertical PlaneLok, which eliminates errors caused by drift, improper calibration or environmental conditions. The unique “Fingerprint” function of the HL760 only accepts the beam from the laser it is paired with.

The HV302 Ranks quite highly on our list as it comes with an armload of functions for an affordable price. Grade match is a massive time saver automatically finding level on the receiver along with planelok to keep it fixed. You avoid any potential downtime. The squaring function is a massive bonus allowing the operator to square out in a matter of minutes.

3: Spectra Precision GL722 Grade Laser

The Spectra Precision GL722 dual grade laser is one of the most advanced grade lasers on the market. The long range operation, advanced radio remote, grade matching, Planelok and Automatic Axis Alignment features mean that you can do quick but highly accurate set-ups for any grade application. With the GL722’s powerful, long range remote control, it takes one person to accurately set up and operate the grade laser. Even grade reverse is done in an instant. You can automatically control all the transmitter’s functions using the remote, even while sitting in the cab of your machine. Grades can be changed on the fly up to 225m (750ft) from the transmitter.

With a grade range of ±10% in the X-axis and -0.5 to +25% in the Y-axis, combined with a 900m (3,000 feet) operating range, no job is too small for this laser.

Automatic Axis Alignment can be done up to 150m (500ft) from the transmitter, providing accurate set-up and eliminating the need to climb a ladder to try and align the laser to your grade hub.

The GL722 Has really stood the test of time, operating from boom to bust we still see units almost 20 years old coming in for calibrations, with the massive operating range and spinning speed this is the ideal laser for machine control boxes. Its reliability has placed it rightfully so in the top 3.

2: Spectra Precision GL1425C Grade Laser

The automatic self-leveling GL1425C dual grade laser is the most rugged, cost-effective laser that does three jobs - level, grade, and vertical alignment. Even in harsh job site conditions, theGL1425C delivers consistently reliable and accurate performance, enabling you to work faster (up to 900 rpm) and smarter. The GL1425C comes with Bluetooth built-in and has a dedicated Laser Remote App.

  • Grading and excavating
  • Leveling concrete forms and footers
  • General construction vertical alignment and plumb such as anchor bolt and form alignment
  • Sports fields, tennis courts and driveways
  • Steep slope road embankments and ditch banks
  • Ramps and drainage

This New entrant to the Spectra series has a massive spinning speed and increased grade range for an affordable price. Making this an attractive new laser. The new remote app is easy to pair to the laser and has an extremely clean user interface, bonus marks to the GL1425C for this. Its for sure going to be a best seller.

1: Spectra Precision UL633N Universal Laser

The Spectra Precision UL633N Universal Laser is the only construction laser allowing total automatic control of all three axes (X/Y/Z). Control of the Z axis is accomplished through the new “fan beam” technology, while control of the X and Y axis utilizes a dual radio connection. Benefiting of all the know-how of Spectra Precision, the UL633N Universal Laser is appropriate for all applications producing an easy, fast and accurate job. The Universal Laser can provide precise automatic axes alignments to two desired points without positioning the receivers 90 degrees perpendicular. This allows contractors to easily perform dual axis alignments for applications such as grade work on sports fields, parking lots, tennis courts, and driveways. Since theUL633N Universal Laser can work with two receivers simultaneously, contractors can measure an unknown grade value automatically between two elevation points in Grade Match mode.

On job sites where maximum accuracy and stability is required such as airport runways, elevations can be precisely secured using the automatic Dual Axis PlaneLok feature. This capability locks and maintains the laser reference plane to two receivers placed at existing elevation points, eliminating drift or possible errors caused by vibrations or temperature changes. The UL633N Universal Laser is also the first laser where the plumb beam can be changed into a rotating fan beam which can be detected by the SpotFinder SF601.

TheUL633N and the Spot Finder offer additional versatility for 90-degree layout applications on concrete pads as well as indoors for wall layout. Activating the SpotLok mode ensures the UL633N locks and holds the plumb beam automatically to the Spot Finder at the desired direction or elevation point offering a precise alignment to avoid rework.

TheUL633N includes a full-function combined radio and infrared remote control RC603N, with a built-in back-lit intuitive graphic display. Contractors can do everything with the remote control that they can do at the laser keypad, up to 150 m (500 ft) away from the laser -even from the cab of a machine. The ability to make grade changes remotely can significantly reduce setup time and speed operations. With its rugged design, the UL633N can survive a drop of up to 1 meter (3 feet) on concrete. The laser also features IP67 moisture and dust sealing to handle the tough construction environment. The UL633N Universal Laser retains all well accept functions of the GL500 series lasers with additional advanced features and benefits offering much more versatilities.

The UL633N Earns its place at Number 1 due to the massive range of functions and applications it has to offer. For anyone who requires a Grade laser, Pipe laser or Squaring laser it would be foolish not to go for this laser.

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