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onTrack Agricultural Tractor GPS

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onTrack Agricultural Tractor GPS

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Effective Guidance:

We know that what you need most from a tractor GPS system is simple, clear guidance. The focus is very much on the basics plus a few useful additional features included with onTrak. onTrak ensures you cover the area with minimal skips and overlaps.


With onTrak there are no constraints. The system is equally at home on an RTV or a 200 hp tractor. The onTrak device requires no wires or installation. Simply place the system on any machine and harness the potential of GPS guidance. Never before has it been so easy to equip any vehicle with precision guidance.

AB Guidance Lines

AB Guidance Lines are virtual tramlines that onTrak creates to guide you accurately.

Field Memory

Save your AB lines and field boundaries for the next time you visit the field. No need to recreate them again.

Implement Offsets

For side mowing or recording spray placement. Implement Offsets allow you to accurately setup onTrak to match your machine.

Measure Field Area

By driving around the boundary of the field you can measure the area. Very useful for contractors visiting new farms.

View, Share, and Print

With onTrak there are several ways to share data. Take a simple screenshot and email to your boss or use onTrak.Cloud to sync .kml data.

Coverage Mapping

Map exactly where your implement has worked for minimum overlap or skipped areas. Particularly helpful for spraying and fertiliser application.

Field Recognition

At the top of your field list will be the fields closest to you, saving you time.

Adjustable Sensitivity

Adjust the guidance sensitivity easily with a simple slider. As you become more experienced you can turn it up.

Satellite Overlay

View worked area and field boundaries on a satellite image overlay. For simple sharing or record keeping take a screenshot.

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