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How to calibrate your own laser level from home : An Industry Secret

How to calibrate your own laser level from home : An Industry Secret.

Every Manufacturer recommends that a laser is calibrated yearly to ensure the most accuracy for your work. A lot of the logic for this is that a laser is constantly taking small impacts which will eventually cause it to come out of calibration, i.e no longer spin level. Where a laser takes a major fall it is also recommended for the same. The Spectra line of lasers are built tough and can withstand a fall of 1.5m on a tripod or 1m freefall onto concrete but enough blowing our own trumpet.

So how do you calibrate your own laser level from home and receive a certificate from a authorised repair center.

The Checklist:

  1. Fist of all you will need to make sure you laser is fully charged or has batteries in it as it needs to be turned on to be calibrated.
  2. You need to ensure you have a case for your laser otherwise it will constantly be in need of calibration, As mentioned earlier knocks and bangs causes a laser to lose calibration so you need to protect your kit. We have a selection of Spectra and Topcon laser level cases available if you require one.
  3. To further emphasize security of your laser you should place your Name and number either on the laser or in the case in the event you have misplaced your laser or it is stolen.

The Tricky Bit:

Essentially you have two options to calibrate your laser , one involves having to leave your home to do it and the other involves staying in depending on your mood. Either way as part of our service we can have an post collect your laser from your own home within a days notice , just make sure to contact us before 1pm in order to get it booked in or you can drop in to any post office once you have received your pre paid postage barcode - The kind staff in the post office will scan this barcode from your phone so there is no need to print anything as they will place a label on your laser case for you.

To avail of this service head over to our courier collection form and fill it out , only takes a minute.

An post will then send your laser to us where we will calibrate it and certify it all without you having to leave your home !

Viking Direct IE

The Essentials:

You will see this on our courier collection form but make sure you do the following.

  1. Place your name and number on a piece of paper inside the box so we know that its yours when it arrives ( we get loads)
  2. Please send your laser in its carry case otherwise it will not be sent back as it would lose calibration if sent in a carboard box.
  3. Tape up the handle or cable tie it closed so it cannot be open from A to B.
  4. You do not need to place the laser case in a cardboard box for transport but if you feel more comfortable doing so we welcome it with open arms.

By Dealing with us direct we can give you a better price for your postage along with an extremely fast turnaround all for a very reasonable fee !

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