Topcon AES-25 Auto Steer

Easy. Precise. Repeatable.

Topcon autoguidance or autosteering solutions provide an easy-to-use interface for complete control, best-in-class performance.


For non-steer-ready vehicles, the Topcon AES-25 electric steering system offers hydraulic performance with electric convenience. Compatible with a wide range of equipment including tractors, sprayers, swathers and combines, the AES-25 provides silent operation while producing the most accurate electric steering in the world.

Add entry-level autosteering in equipment to increase efficiency, eliminate overlap and underlap, and reduce operator stress. Autosteering allows one tractor to do the work of two or three tractors, with continuous, round the clock operation. The combination of an X14 or X-25 Console and AGI-4 Receiver/Steering Controller from Topcon saves time and fuel, reduces stress, cuts input costs, and provides implement control and the ability to map your work as you perform it.

Accurate vehicle travel reduces crop damage and soil compaction. 24/7 operation, even in dust, wind or fog, helps you get done faster, thus reducing exposure to risks like inclement weather. Then add in that you’ll be improving your utilization by eliminating gaps. It all points to increased yields, every year.

The Topcon autosteering solution maintains high-accuracy vehicle paths even in difficult terrain or irregular fields. Hands-free operation reduces demands on the operator. Best-in-class visual interface allows the operator to see the field, the path of travel, areas covered, boundaries, even obstacles can be added on the fly. As an added bonus, Horizon software remembers your fields and travel, so each subsequent pass follows exactly the one before, making life easier still.